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Since 1967, Nashua Glass has been providing a broad range of professional services to residents, builders and developers throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

"Work Done At Your Home" by our staff of highly skilled, professional technicians.

Our employees are very professional in their appearance, neat and clean. They are to be courteous and treat the customers as if they were with their own family. Nashua Glass is a solely owned business under the same ownership for forty years. Many of the employees have been with the company for more than ten years. Most of our services are directly to the homeowner (residental families). Our shop is very clean and a person can get same day service most of the time. We have a full time person just working to do that. Repair on a window, picture frame or a screen table tops can been done for the next day pickup, or maybe some speciality glass for your kitchen cabinets.

Our products would be:
Shower Doors 3/8 frameless with clear glass or many different patterns, semi-frameless door, also framed shower door as well as sliders.

All different types of hardware from polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze.

Screens of all types, fabricated for screen porches, a broken or missing or it might be needs a new screen.

Mirrors framed, bevel in straight or oval.

Table top for your dining room table, desks, patios for your office or for your home.

Vinyl replacement window, double hung, bows, bays sliders in different colors.

We are a huge repairs shop. This is the staple of our business for many years. Have a broken item or need a new part? If we don’t have it we will find it or make it. Need old 60 year glass? We have it.

Our employees have a great since of humor when the customer comes into the shop. They enjoy laughter and kidding around. Our shop is customer friendly. Fast service. We will go to their house earlier in the morning to take a measurement or after hours. Our prices are fair. Our service makes our customer say, “This is the shop I want to come to.”

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Serving Southern, NH as far as Manchester to Salem, Dracut, Mass., Tynsboro

You won't wait long.
When it comes to fast turnaround on custom orders and repairs, we have a huge advantage over our competitors: our own full-time glass and screen craftsmen.

While other glass companies send their work out to third-party vendors, our craftsmen make custom products and perform repairs in our own fully equipped shop, eight hours a day, five days per week. So, we can often complete your project in one to two days, when our competitors would have you wait one or two weeks.

The range of services offered in our shop covers, mirrors, custom glass for cabinet doors and shelves, glass table tops, custom specialized glass, screen repair and fabrication plus broken windows.

We'll find those hard-to-find parts.
When the building supply and hardware stores in our area can't locate a rare window crank or some other part, they'll often send their customer to us. We have the reputation of being able to find the hard-to-find.

We've been hunting down rare window and door parts since 1967, so we've gotten pretty good at it. Plus, we make the extra effort when our competitors can't be bothered.

If we say we're going to be there, we'll be there.
Construction and home-improvement projects have a way of taking more time than they should. While we are not immune to unforeseen scheduling problems, we're good at delivering our products and services on time and keeping you informed.

If you don't see it here, ask us for it!
We want to be your one-source supplier. We are constantly adding new products to satisfy our customer requests. If you don't see what you're looking for here, please ask us for it. We might just be able to provide you with what you need.

Save Up to 50% on Your Heating Bills This Year with Our Windows
Services Offered
All Type of Glass Repairs
Antique and Specialty Glass (Kitchen Cabinets)
Bathroom Accessories
Custom Glass Table Tops
Custom Mirrors, Beveled and Oval
Framed Shower Doors and Tub Enclosures
Frameless Shower Doors
Insulated Glass
Railings: Architectural, Decorative With Pickets or Glass, Vinyl
Replacement Windows
Screens: Fabricated and Repaired
Screened Porches (with Optional Storm Panels)
Storm Doors

Nashua Glass Company: Keeping Your Home's Decorative Glass Looking Like New

People have been using glass as a home accent and decoration for hundreds of years. Glass sculpture, an ancient tradition, owes its origination to Egyptian culture. The decorative glass of ancient Egypt is identified as a priceless heritage of ancient Egypt. Many of the techniques used to create these ancient decorative glass pieces are in use today, along with new abilities opened up by the advancement of technology. The same techniques used to create decorative glass art and functional pieces are also used to make repairs by a Nashua Glass Company.

Glass is a unique substance. It can be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Decorative glass can be shaped and colored using an array of different colors, and the thickness of glass is variable. Sculptures made of blown glass appear to have a solid form, but glass has a molecular structure of a liquid and is not crystalline. Glasses are as beautiful and delicate as they are vulnerable to breakage. If you own any decorative glass items, or even if you have functional glass in your home such as mirrors or shower doors, you will at some point need to call on a Nashua Glass Company for glass repair, restoratio

Techniques Used by Your Local Nashua Glass Company

There are numerous techniques used by the Nashua Glass Company to manipulate glass. For e.g. glass blowing, cold working, and hot sculpting.

Glass blowing is commonly used to create or repair blown glass functional art and sculpture.

Sand, soda lime, and coloring agents are melted together to form molten glass. Using a combination of a blowpipe and special tools, glassblowers quickly shape and mold the glass before it has time to cool. Once the blown glass is the desired shape, it is placed in an annealing oven, which slowly cools the glass until it is stable. Blown glass that is cooled too quickly may crack or break. Sometimes, a Nashua Glass Company will need to repeat this process to repair a blown glass sculpture, vase, or other piece of functional art.

Although hot sculpting follows the same method to shape glass, it does not require a blowpipe. The molten glass collected from the furnace is subsequently given a shape using special tools. Large and solid pieces of glass art are made and repaired by using Hot Sculpting. This method might have to be used by the Nashua Glass Company, if the glasswork in question was solid decorative glass rather than blown glass.

Finally, in cold working, a Nashua Glass Company professional uses various techniques to work with cold glass. Depending on the desired end result, the Nashua Glass Company expert might use a sandblaster, cutting tools, a grinder, a polisher, or engraving tools to create or repair the glass. Adhering panes or pieces of glass to one another falls into this category, as well. These techniques are very common, when it comes to decorative glass repair, restoration, and modification.

Modern Nashua Glass Company Repairs: Economic, Green, and Smart

You might not realize it, but glass is a 'green' material. All glass can be recycled. Modern decorative glass is lead-free and does no harm to the environment. This becomes particularly important when you consider how much glass there actually is in your home.

Your local Nashua Glass Company can do installation, repairs, and restoration on virtually any glass surface or object in your home. This includes everything from windows and shower doors to knick-knacks and family heirlooms. In today's economy, it's much smarter to perform repairs whenever possible, rather than buying new. You could save hundreds by using a Nashua Glass Company.

There are many different types and varieties of decorative glass available. Even if you enter the market for varied designs of window glass that best suits your taste, you have ample varieties to choose from. Clear or tinted; safety or non-safety; plate or patterns; single pane or insulated are some of them. The same is true for patio doors, shower doors, and mirror glass from a Nashua Glass Company. A window installation company or a patio door company uses pre-fabricated glass and provides you with a lower chance to get a decorative glass that best suits you, as against a Nashua Glass Company.

Special Kinds of Glass Used by Your Local Nashua Glass Company

Insulated glass, also called double-pane, comes in "units" consisting of two or three separated panes of glass sealed together. The air between the panes is either left in or replaced with a harmless gas. Tempered glass saves the electricity used for heating in winters and cooling in summers. It is therefore used more often by the Nashua Glass Company to help you save money. This type of glass makes it easier to cut down on your energy costs by ensuring you lose less heat during the winter and less air conditioning during the summer. It's typically used in windows, where most of a home's energy seeps out through gaps around the window pane itself or the window frame. If the seal goes bad, condensation becomes visible inside the window, and the pane will have to be replaced.

Tempered, laminate, and plate glass are often used by a Nashua Glass Company for tall windows, windows inside doors, mirrors, and shower doors. Tempered glass is glass that has been heated to near melting, and then cooled, which strengthens the molecular bond within the glass. Tempered glass breaks into small shards with some of them not even falling out of place. It has less chances of breakage as compared to the normal glass. It's considered a "safety glass" for this reason.

Plate glass, commonly used in patio doors and long mirrors, is simply a large sheet of glass held in place by a frame. Plate glass is fairly easy to break, depending on the thickness, and breaks into large shards which are very sharp. Your local Nashua Glass Company would not recommend the use of plate glass for homes with children or pets who might injure themselves if the glass gets broken.

Laminated glass is a good choice for homes with high risk of breakage. This safety glass is created by bonding together two sheets of plate glass, sandwiching a high-strength membrane in the middle. If broken, the glass will break like plate glass, but the internal membrane holds the shards in place. It is very difficult to break laminated glass.

Tempered and laminate glasses are considered as safety glasses. These are most popular among the household glasses used by any Nashua Glass Company. Building Code states that safety glass must be used in doors, adjacent to doors, and in openings within approximately eighteen inches of the adjacent walking surface. Whether you have decorative glass heirlooms in need of restoration and repair, or a broken window that needs replacing, your local Nashua Glass Company is the one to call. They can provide you with full-service glass repair, installation, and modification to meet your needs. For all the glass in your home, call a Nashua Glass Company today.
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